Little Updates

30-dec-2003: Main GBA dat release #1345.
29-dec-2003: Main GBA dat release #1343.


"The Legend of Zelda - Oracle of Ages" => "Legend of Zelda, The - Oracle of Ages"
I'm personally against this naming method, but it's used in the other gbx sets. So it's only better if we follow a standard naming.
In the next releases the language information will be added (f.e. "M5"= 5 languages) and (maybe) the real country information (f.e. "UE").


Hey guys and girls over there on the other side of the screen. We from the No-Intro crew wish you all a merry Christmas (or a happy Hanukkah for the Jewish people) and a happy new year.
Once again we would like to thank everyone who helped us out this year. This includes all our group members and of course also all the dumping groups. We wouldn't have a reason for existing without you guys (and girls?).
As you all probably have noticed over the past year there are many opninions about the "scene". A lot of you don't think belong in it, but a WHOLE LOT of people do. So we like to thank those people to for supporting us. We still like the "scene" because they dump a whole lot of games for us, which are very happy with.


fREEwILL brings us the clean patch for #1338 (05F55502 -> 828020E9). Main GBA dat release #1341.

Little Updates

19-dec-2003: Main GBA dat release #1336.
16-dec-2003: Main GBA dat release #1332.
14-dec-2003: Main GBA dat release #1327.


BigFred removed pirate intro from #1321 (E57EA9FA -> 78A3289C). Main GBA dat release #1323.

Little Updates

10-dec-2003: Main GBA dat release #1318.
09-dec-2003: Main GBA dat release #1317.
08-dec-2003: Main GBA dat release #1315.
07-dec-2003: Main GBA dat release #1314.
04-dec-2003: Main GBA dat release #1312.
03-dec-2003: Main GBA dat release #1302.
01-dec-2003: Main GBA dat release #1301.
30-nov-2003: Main GBA dat release #1300.


We have the clean version of #1247 (13A48569 -> FEEFEDDC), (james-k & jr06).
Clean #1297 too (993B721E -> 64EC07E7), (NGEfreak).
jr06 confirms correct crc for #1294: 7DAF215C.
Main GBA dat release #1298.


Main GBA dat release #1297.


coolhj removed pirate intro from #1287 (9DE9AA86 -> 0BABCAB9).
Main GBA dat release #1290.


coolhj removed pirate intro from #1281 (3EC6CC6F -> 820C9DE9) , BigFred removed pirate intro from #1284 (DC6CBAC2 -> C45D26EA).
Main GBA dat release #1286.

Little Updates

19-nov-2003: Main GBA dat release #1278.
18-nov-2003: Main GBA dat release #1271.
16-nov-2003: Main GBA dat release #1270.


New Mode7 release, new BigFred remove (352B1E1F -> D936B7E9) , from coolhj: Mode7, don't try to modify the publisher's logo, that is useless (67D90F5D -> 7F1EAC75).
Main GBA dat release #1268.


Another fine intro remove by BigFred, apply it to release #1258 (8634204D -> 70475D7F).

BigFred fixed #0925 (E19D7565 -> 11A9B76E) intro-remove patch. He made a more correct patch so that the (E)-version matches the (J) and (U)-versions better.
The start-address was wrong as Wanadoo always uses 300000EA instead of 2E0000EA and the fill-bytes were wrong because they use the string "" to fill the unused area of their games.
Main GBA dat release #1265.

Little Updates

08-nov-2003: Main GBA dat release #1250.
06-nov-2003: Main GBA dat release #1241.
02-nov-2003: Main GBA dat release #1234.


whaaaoohaaa, coolhj removed #1229 intro (EE23F255 -> E0B2EBBE). Mode7 will maybe have more luck in next release. Try again. ;)

BigFred fixed #1168 IR patch. He forgot to edit one byte. New crc: 8E6DCD53.
Main GBA dat release #1231.


Main GBA dat release #1228.


coolhj released his GBA Tool Advance version 0.3. Small errors fixed @ 28-10-2003.
Madcell founded the Official Chinese Mirror:
Someone from the "real-elite scene" said "no one wants to be associated with you guys"... uhh?
Main GBA dat release #1225.


NGEfreak fixed some game names.
Main GBA dat release #1220.


Fixed errors from #1213 upto #1217 in dat (Lessram).
#1128 is overdumped (correct: 32mbit, 0C548021 -> 0D32851A), (Pit64 & Co.).
Main GBA dat release #1218.


#1128 is overdumped (correct: 32mbit, 0C548022 -> 0D32851B), (jr06).
#1192 is overdumped (correct: 32mbit, F6203675 -> C0E6DBF7), (jr06).
#1217 is to clean (803CBD8D -> 67F18F8E), (tr7743 and jr06).
Main GBA dat release #1217.


Fixed bad #1212 info in the dat.
New: GB (NGEfreak).

Little Updates

18-oct-2003: Main GBA dat release #1212.
17-oct-2003: Main GBA dat release #1209.
16-oct-2003: Main GBA dat release #1207.
14-oct-2003: Main GBA dat release #1205.
11-oct-2003: Main GBA dat release #1204.
08-oct-2003: Main GBA dat release #1195.


New: GBC (NGEfreak). I'm so glad to host this new project...


Time to chat on IRC ;-)
Session Ident: BigFred
[7:52pm] 1188 has the same logo-hack as 1157
[7:53pm] c9d127ac should be the new crc
[7:53pm] can be fixed with coolhj's tool easily
[7:54pm] and 1189 has a hacked serial :/ same hack as Cyberdrive Zoids
tr7743 fixed #1189 (CF8B80E0 -> AF40CC99).
Redump of #896 by Dumper (793ECFCA -> D8125874).
Main GBA dat release #1191.


Main GBA dat release #1188.


tr7743 fixed #1184 (882B6B34 -> 7C75555E). This dump is clean and without EEPROM fix.


BigFred disabled the intro from the patched version of Boktai (U). Now you can have the game with the sensor and without Eurasia intro.
In dat we keep the clean version (without sensor: in the future I hope it will be emulated).
Coolhj fixed a small bug in his tool, online.
Main GBA dat release #1185.


Coolhj brings us an awesome release 0.2 of his "GBA Tool Advance".
Main GBA dat release #1183.


Fixed #1157 logo (487C43C0 -> F1E8A261), (BigFred).
Main GBA dat release #1178.


A lot of work for me in "real life". But the NoIntro team as always did a great support. Here I summarize what we have seen in Forum.
Coolhj wrote a 5-in-1 tool (Header Viewer + Intro Remover + Overdump Fixer + Logo Fixer + Intro Drawer). Superb! It repleaces some third party tools, that are no more online.
BigFred removed #1168 intro. Maybe Mode7 (I know that you are reading) will have more luck next release ;-)
Thanks to zikronix, Pit64, lessram and to all the other guys that fixed the names.
Main GBA dat release #1175.

Little updates

19-09-2003: Main GBA dat release #1167.
18-09-2003: Main GBA dat release #1160.
16-09-2003: Main GBA dat release #1159.
14-09-2003: Main GBA dat release #1158.
12-09-2003: Main GBA dat release #1154.
11-09-2003: Main GBA dat release #1151.


coolhj removed the intro from roms #1145, #1146 & #1147. Superb!
Fixed #0389 (9b9b0ccb -> cb5eff64), (bigfred).
From the death of "Additional dat" borns the "Cracked dat".
NGEfreak fixed more game titles.
Main GBA dat release #1148.


The main dat has changed! (again?)
ALL cracked [c] files have been replaced with the corresponding un-cracked files in the main dat. We will no longer support the "Additional dat".
We are changing the dat so that there are only pure clean files listed. That's why we will not list cracked and fixed files.
We are aware that not all released roms are entirely clean. We are awaiting redumps for those. We have new members that are kicking ass in this department!
So, please be patient because we are almost there!


CrossFire and BootCableUSB redumped #1143 (CED77E32 -> EA73EB54).
Main GBA dat release #1144.


All EZTO patches are verified. NoIntro dat has adopted EZTO redumps since his first submission and will continue to do so as long as he submits them.
Sorry for another #1126 crc change, but Mode 7 likes to destroy dumps. 2817295C -> 1EE9FBA8, unless a redump is issued.

The support of Gamer-X to our project is awesome providing the Intro remove Tutorial, a how-to about hacking roms.
Main GBA dat release #1142.


Incredible! Look at this awesome redump list made by EZTO:

#0295 (2dccc0b8 -> 9f75b077)
#0318 (5555715f -> 656cf22e)
#0333 (c3e99c12 -> 290d8810)
#0412 (83ba5be2 -> 31b1a586)
#0427 (f4c9eb5e -> e28afebc)
#0430 (bf53ee0d -> 4a8f2f62)
#0431 (8c1906c0 -> 321b19b6)
#0435 (1fcdc9a6 -> d4eac9b1)
#0489 (d452908b -> 830b795f)
#0494 (1adfb599 -> 1a7efbd0)
#0502 (2f1316d2 -> 680957e7)
#0505 (7990eada -> be9fd5e7)
#0521 (365edb56 -> e989a4ae)
#0523 (b0eef4dd -> f79ffedf)
#0526 (33ecf8cc -> 297b9854)
#0535 (c0b46d38 -> bbae85c8)
#0561 (53cf31cb -> 14e3ebcc)
#0575 (8bb6a55b -> 91f93500)
#0608 (35ccc9d8 -> 8d5d0eab)
#0645 (4dde381b -> 8dfb7a2f)
#0646 (dbab6799 -> 58a972df)
#0656 (934cbd1c -> aee73fe7)
#0688 (13cecd0d -> 70c423b8)

'Remove EEPROM' fixes:
#0533 (33fca023 -> 2b92eb8e)
#0571 (ba2f3b47 -> dff3e861)
#0587 (d5cdeabc -> 051f3d0d)
#0611 (79b1dd00 -> b24fa448)
#0718 (32dd6750 -> c41081cf)
#0741 (4d936617 -> e1702b0a)
#0939 (29a4e8f2 -> a519feb5)

...and #0788 is overdumped (correct: 64Mbits, 3c103be8 -> 5223f5aa).

Dat updated.


New patches from our team!!
BigFred removed #1140 intro.
Gamer-X removed #1131 intro (before it was only disabled).
Gamer-X released the *final* intro remove ips 2.1 for #1126. new crc= 4964A4B3.
#1139 was overdumped. wrong size: 4194308. correct size: 4194304. Correct crc: F9498038 (NGEfreak).
tr7743 brings us more patches, to convert roms into clean: #0368 (72A19117 -> FBDD4384) e #0375 (A913E369 -> C6CCCA05).
Changed #1010 from 43B815AC to 4ABBC202.
Main GBA dat release #1141.


coolhj removed #1138 intro. Good work!
Main GBA dat release #1139.


Main GBA dat release #1138.


Lomig brings us a lot of 'remove eeprom fix' ips patches:
0691 - Santa Claus Jr. Advance (E) : 72316715 -> DCBD5A86
0993 - Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (U) : 45a3f81c -> DC32D153
1124 - Shin Megami Tensei Puzzle de Call (J) : A0E3ED91 -> EA8A185A
New crc (C582265C) for #0896.


EZTO brings us a lot of redump patches:
0370 - Slot! Pro Advance - Takarabune & Ooedo Sakura Fubuki 2 (J) : b87194b2 -> d9a8d01f
0372 - Kikaika Guntai (J) : fd5a4350 -> a2fa4248
0503 - Chohmakaimura R (J) : 82b51567 -> a4f8b4b4
0509 - Custom Robo GX (J) : b02b9177 -> f533dc13
0536 - Rockman & Forte (J) : 25e65cf4 -> ce2b48c4
0595 - Super Mario Advance 3 (J) : 83cd6c49 -> 26321120
and 0964 - Nihon Pro Mahjong Renmei Kounin - Tetsuman Advance - Menkyo Kaiden Series (J) is maybe overdump.
#0964 is overdumped (correct: 32mb, 085C1184), (Zikronix).
One more time before Advanscene! @(-.-)@ -(joking)


Intro removed from #1135 (BigFred). New crc: B992A3C0. Good work!
#0807 cleaned. New crc: 782DC7EB (tr7743).
Rayman 3 Beta cleaned (db0b240c -> 8f34b14f), (NGEfreak).
Now we are providing a lot of patches to Advanscene! @(-.-)@ -(joking)
Main GBA dat release #1135.


#1126 Intro Remover v2.0: one more patch provided by our team.
I strongly recommend using this new patch to remove the intro. You'll see that not only is the intro gone, but the bios error is fixed and the rom is 'normal' again, with a start offset of 080000C0. This is far better than v1.0, i started over.
New #1126 crc: C241861E.
Main GBA dat release #1133.


New crc for #0373 (60CF4AD8 -> A2D6CEA6), (tr7743).


#1126 Intro Remover v1.0
Thanks Smix, I modified the patch to remove the intro and fix the Mode 7 skip. The Rom is still hosed because of the hex change, but at least the intro is gone! Notice the SaveType EEPROM_V122 (Patched). Need a redump to fix that shit.

START OFFSET: 0864B69C Intro?
crc32: 2817295C

STEP 1: (Use gbaintroremover.exe)
START OFFSET: 080000C0 Normal
crc32: B6E8F1D7

STEP 3: (Change HEX Values At Rom Start)
START OFFSET: 08000310 Intro?
crc32: 3B4445E7
2E 00 00 EA
C2 00 00 EA


New section "GBC Release List".


We have a mystery to solve, since we don't know how better waste our time. It seems that someone wrote, in "ind-grem.nfo" that an IPS was supplied by "#no-intro".
We don't supply patches in IRC, we don't steal nfo, we can not control what *everyone* can put in a text file.
Detective Conan is still searching to solve the case, me and SaiBork have other things to do.

Smix disabled #1126 & #1131 intro. Good work!


Main GBA dat release #1132.


Updated the dat with small name changes (NGEfreak) and with a redump of #0875 (Replouf66).
amptor confirms us #0671.
Thanks to PInkie (and the other forum users that tested the files), we have a new crc for #1093 (F3C87306).


Main GBA dat release #1130.


I noticed that our naming (a hard work done by some members of our team, like BacoKarel, NGEfreak, ...) is *really* appreciated by "third party" dats. This can only confirm that we are in the right way ;) Now I only wait for a "new" dat with our crc and the copy-paste work is complete :D
#1117 was save fixed (B1098BF7 -> D08819C1), (BootCableUSB).
#1122 was save fixed (DF2DF59F -> C457C5DB), (BigFred).
Main GBA dat release #1123.


#1056 is redumped (20684433), #1012 is now verified as good dump (500CA178), (Replouf66).
Pocketheaven is closed, and our team discuss about a new releaselist numbering, excluding hardware-dumps & cheating-dumps, and adding other titles (like Battle Network Rockman EXE 3 Black (J) (v1.0)). What's your opinion?
Main GBA dat release #1121.


Main GBA dat release #1119.


SaiBork fixed names/errors/crc in all dats.
#1009 uncracked added to dat.


Sidecloud, a friend from the IRC channel, rented "Pokemon - Edicion Rubi (S)" and now we have the uncracked version (crc: EB0729CF).
Uncracked will be in dat, of course. Now we only are missing "Pokemon - Edicion Zafiro (S)" uncracked.
Main GBA dat release #1116.


Main GBA dat release #1114.


About the changed crc of #1103, use GBAir: there's no intro, but starting-address is wrong in spite of this.
Main GBA dat release #1108.


It has come to light that DBZ II (U) will work on the VBA emu without the patch. Now DBZ II (U) will be clean in the main dat, and the patched version will be moved to the add-dat.
To get Dragon Ball Z - The Legacy of Goku II (U) to work with VBA:
   Options->Emulator->Save Type->Eeprom
Main GBA dat release #1106.


New: GBA Beta.
Main GBA dat release #1105.


A600 disabled #1102 intro. Good work!
Updated the dat with new crc: uncracked= a09c0807, crack+intro= c76f8ba8, only crack= 676a4d13.
For the Additional: E3 beta (U)= cf6925720.


It has come to light that Iridion II (U) will work on the VBA emu without the SRAM crack. Now Iridion II (U) will be clean in the main dat, and the SRAM cracked version will be moved to the add-dat. As for Iridion II (E) [c], it will stay in the main dat until further notice, as it needs the crack to be played at all.
From bigfred we know there is a good dump of #824 with crc D4F8152E. Added to dat.
Updated dats with infos until #1102.
About release #1102, the game doesn't work without a light sensor on hardware. So the first dump that was out didn't work. There is a second release with a crack, that we include in main dat. The "clean" version will go in the Additional dat.


It has come to light that all Pokemon roms will work on the VBA emu AND flash carts with RTCs on them. Now all Pokemon*[c] roms will be clean in the main dat, and cracked roms will be moved to the add-dat. As for the other [c] roms, they will stay in the main dat until further notice. You can find more informations about this decision in our Forum.
Main GBA dat release #1095.


Main GBA dat release #1094.


#1093 works if you let it be a single rom on your card.
Main GBA dat release #1093.


New Forum online.
There is a redump of #1060 (253a386e -> 5ad0e571).
Main GBA dat release #1092.

Little updates

07-07-2003: Main GBA dat release #1091.
05-07-2003: Main GBA dat release #1090.
03-07-2003: Main GBA dat release #1087.


The IRC channel is born.
Dat changed with small name fixes.


A600 removed intro from #1084.
Main GBA dat release #1083.

Little Updates

27-06-2003: Main GBA dat release #1083.
26-06-2003: Main GBA dat release #1082.
24-06-2003: Main GBA dat release #1078.


#0718 is overdumped (correct: 64Mb, 32dd6750), (coolhj).


Smix and A600 removed #1060 intro (new crc: 253A386E). Congratulations! :D
Main GBA dat release #1078.


Binx removed #1056 intro. Congratulations! :D
Main GBA dat release #1077.


New crc for #863 and #1045 (BFC).

Little Updates

14-06-2003: Main GBA dat release #1062.
13-06-2003: Main GBA dat release #1057.


Yesterday Gamer-X made a VisualBoy Advance skin. Today SaiBork made his skin.
New crc for #1047 (3E04FDC7 -> B7293DBA) (gyangyan).
The same for #0289 (660f33dc -> 9AEEA9B7) (BFC). This game will not be marked as [bad].
Main GBA dat release #1056.


We swapped 1044 & 1045 (BacoKarel).
It seems the #0399 FF-filled is correct (our was [hir00]) (f91ee866 -> a86fae10) (relax).
GT Advance 3 - Pro Concept Racing (U) with crc 548899a2: probably a redump...

Little Updates

07-06-2003: Main GBA dat release #1049.
06-06-2003: Main GBA dat release #1048.
05-06-2003: Main GBA dat release #1046.
03-06-2003: Main GBA dat release #1039.
02-06-2003: Main GBA dat release #1037.
01-06-2003: Main GBA dat release #1036.


We decided to add the [c] information to specify which games are cracked. We support cracked games instead of the original clean rom because the cracked version works... The clean uncracked rom will be always added in the Additional dat.
Saibork & BacoKarel fixed errors and crc until #1033.
The "Screenshots" section is updated with correct game titles and we are working on a better search engine & better host. Online in the next days.

Little Updates

28-05-2003: A600 wrote the "intro remover" Ips patch for #1010. Main GBA dat release #1033.
25-05-2003: Main GBA dat release #1030.
24-05-2003: Main GBA dat release #1024.
22-05-2003: A600 wrote the "intro remover" Ips patch for #1012. Main GBA dat release #1016.
21-05-2003: SaiBork wrote the "intro disabler" Ips patch for #1012. Main GBA dat release #1015.
20-05-2003: Main GBA dat release #1013.


Updated the Additional dat, with the uncracked version of Iridion II (U). Cracked Pokemon (J) roms are now in NoIntro dat.
Only for Pokemon & Iridion roms, we will have the no-cracked version in Additional dat and the cracked one in the NoIntro dat.
Main GBA dat release #1010.

Little Updates

14-05-2003: Main GBA dat release #1007.
13-05-2003: A600 wrote the Ips patch for #1004. Updated the dat.
12-05-2003: Main GBA dat release #1006.
11-05-2003: Main GBA dat release #1003.
09-05-2003: Main GBA dat release #1002.


Thanks to NGEfreak and gyangyan, the work on the name titles continues.
New #0998 Ips Patch by A600. But we use the Eurasia's redump with crc: de5ffcbc.
Main GBA dat release #0998.

Little Updates

05-05-2003: Main GBA dat release #0997.
04-05-2003: Main GBA dat release #0996.
02-05-2003: Main GBA dat release #0995.
01-05-2003: Main GBA dat release #0994.
30-04-2003: Main GBA dat release #0993.
28-04-2003: Main GBA dat release #0992.


New crc for #0980 (clean version), (NGEfreak & SaiBork).
Main GBA dat release #0989.

Little Updates

25-04-2003: Main GBA dat release #0982.
21-04-2003: Main GBA dat release #0976.


In this update i want to say "welcome" to some new forum users: moneygoesfree, Mona, NGEfreak, bobbink, Dumper, love77, batigol, ...
Main GBA dat release #0961.


New #0917 IPS patch (A600).
Thanks to gyangyan & BacoKarel, some Jap names were fixed.
Main GBA dat release #0955.


I'm really happy to "work" with guys like SaiBork, BacoKarel & Zikronix ;). They are making a fantasic work...
And obviously thanks to A600 for the patches... ;)
Main GBA dat release #0953.


Patch for #0942 released.
Main GBA dat release #0949.


Main GBA dat release #0948.


Golden Sun 2 (#0940) has a hidden intro (press and hold L+R during boot to see it). Mupsy sent us a intro-removing patch.
The work on the title changes continues... thanks to BacoKarel and gyangyan.
Main GBA dat release #0942.


SaiBork made the new title cases, BacoKarel continues the title changes.
Main GBA dat release #0940.


A600 made a new complete patch for #0938 intro removing.
Main GBA dat release #0939.


#0938 original version (with lame-intro), #0938 after a first intro remove (still lame-words), #0938 after a dirty hack (who is the lamer?).
Main GBA dat release #0938.


Replaced #0920 & #0922 with trimmed versions (4bb9420e) & (25015475), (SaiBork & BacoKarel).
Replaced #0925 with a cleaner version: first remove the intro in the normal way (pad with 0x00) and then use the Intro Disable Ips Patch by A600 (e19d7565), (BacoKarel).
Replaced #0459 with a redump (b6225186), (BacoKarel).
Replaced #0689 (231b9fca) & #0776 (8e91cd13) with clean dumps (SaiBork).
Old versions of #0689 & #0776 are now in the "Additional dat", as "sram fixed".
There is an "overdumped but working" release of Pokemon - Ruby version (U) with crc: dfc9370e & size: 16777216.
Maybe there are clean dumps of #0898 & #0907 (554dedc4) & (f0815ee7).

Little Updates

27-03-2003: Main GBA dat release #0930.
26-03-2003: Main GBA dat release #0925. (#0925 patch by A600)
23-03-2003: Main GBA dat release #0922. (#0917 patch by A600)
22-03-2003: Main GBA dat release #0921.
20-03-2003: Main GBA dat release #0915.
19-03-2003: Main GBA dat release #0909.
18-03-2003: Main GBA dat release #0908.
17-03-2003: #0896 patch by A600.


Thanks to A600 and Zikronix... it's time to remove #0459 intro ;-)
#0907 has crc= c865bf1d. "Try to remove this", says the intro. After intro-removing new crc= fe507148.
Main GBA dat release #0907.

Little Updates

14-03-2003: Main GBA dat release #0903.
12-03-2003: Main GBA dat release #0900.


The Pokemon rom with crc "8209063f" was a bad dump, so it will not be recognized in the dat.
The new #0898 in the "NoIntro dat" will be the rom with crc "300ffda3" released by Mugs.
This original rom has problems with the clock routines, so it needs a "Clock fix".
In the "Additional dat" we usually put patched versions... Today there is a "Pokemon Clock Fix Beta 1" by fluKe.
The new patched #0898 in the "Additional dat" will be that rom with crc "43152cb8".
Main GBA dat release #0899.


Original Pokemon Sapphire (U) has crc= 8209063f and SIZE= 8388608. It's in the new "No Intro dat".
Pokemon Sapphire (U) cracked by Mugs has crc= 51626a60 and SIZE= 16777216.
This cracked release has an intro. The intro'd has crc= 300ffda3 and SIZE= 16777216. We collect this. It is in the "Additional dat".
Main GBA dat release #0898.

Little Updates

08-03-2003: Main GBA dat release #0897.
06-03-2003: Main GBA dat release #0896.
03-03-2003: Main GBA dat release #0892. (changed some names)
27-02-2003: Main GBA dat release #0889.
26-02-2003: Main GBA dat release #0886. (changed some names)
23-02-2003: Main GBA dat release #0885.
22-02-2003: Main GBA dat release #0883.


According to the official numbering, we have updated the dat.
We have removed the XXXX roms: now they are in a separate dat.


Now we have the IPS patch for #0863.


From dumper's info:
"We've been notified our earlier release for this game is a " rare " trial version, available in demonstrations at the stores."
So the #0857 is now [trial] and #0881 is now [full].
Main GBA dat release #0881.

Little updates

17-02-2003: Main GBA dat release #0879.
15-02-2003: Main GBA dat release #0875.
13-02-2003: Main GBA dat release #0868.
12-02-2003: Main GBA dat release #0866.
09-02-2003: Main GBA dat release #0865.
01-02-2003: Main GBA dat release #0859.
28-01-2003: Main GBA dat release #0857.
24-01-2003: Main GBA dat release #0856.
18-01-2003: Main GBA dat release #0854.
15-01-2003: Main GBA dat release #0851.
13-01-2003: Main GBA dat release #0848.
08-01-2003: Main GBA dat release #0847.


Added rom "0XXX - Samurai Deeper Kyo patched".
Main GBA dat release #0844.


Happy new year!!!!
Main GBA dat release #0840.